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Re: algae growth

Mike wrote:

> But if there are plenty of macros and 
>micros and light and CO2 etc etc, what holds the algae back?

Good question!  Wish we had the answer!

 I like the 
>allelochemicals argument - but then (as others - meaning Mr. Tom Barr if 
>I remember right - have argued) big water changes should allow a spurt 
>in algae production by lowering allelochemical concentrations - which 
>doesn't seem to happen.

Allelochemicals are still a plausible contributing reason because a water
change only reduces .. does not eliminate them.  As long as there is
sufficient allelochemical, it can be enough in a CLOSED aquarium. 

There are other factors involved in the transformation of a tank with
visible algae to one without. For example, the plants have to be healthy
enought to take advantage of the good environment you are providing and you
are not providing more nutrients than they can quickly consume.