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Re:if I had a man's name would this post get answered??

>>reposting again and wondering if a "boys" name would
illicit an better response?
is the aquarium plant hobby a "boys club"??
I'm beginning to wonder...
I would like some advice on planting a 29G long.
I had some nice plant growth but things went south and
I would like to start again.
H2O parameters I am not sure of, I know I ahve to get

Kate, there is lots of women on this list, so you better come up with a
better reason than that! Your question is rather broad, perhaps you could
narrow it down a bit. You have enough light to grow most anything. You
should think about CO2 if you do not have it already. What exactly are you
trying to accomplish? Where are you having difficulties?

With that much light I would recommend plenty of fast growing stem plants to
break in the new tank, since you are starting over.

Robert Paul Hudson
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