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Re: Lamotte nitrate kit

First I would check the expiration date on the kits.  If they are OK, make
sure that the SeaChem reagent is shook up real well.  I had a similar
comparison problem when I tested my friend's nitrate levels.  I had a
Lamotte kit that said his nitrates were over 30ppm.  He had a SeaChem
nitrate kit that show a fairly low reading.  We asked Dr Morin about it and
sure enough the reagent of the SeaChem kit had solidified a bit on the
bottom.  Shake it up real good.  Then we got similar readings.  And yes,
for nitrate readings, do multiply the Lamotte value by 4.4.


>I would really like to know the answer to this as
>I have been using a Seachem nitrate kit that has been
>showing about 5ppm.  The last two tests have come out
>an orangish pink color that matches nothing on the
>color slide.  I asked Tom Connors to bring his Lamotte
>kit to our board meeting last night and he did.  I
>wanted to see it for myself before investing.  The
>comparator looks neat and probably way easier to read
>than the Seachem (which IMO does make a good phosphate
>kit).  Tom tested my water and said that it came to
>17.6ppm.  You multiplied it by 4.4, right Tom?  Could
t>he Seachem kit be that off?