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Yeast Again

As a homebrewer, I can help a bit with the yeast questions.
Champagne yeast is works well for CO2 because it can stand higher levels of
alchohol than bread or beer yeasts.
So, as we dump sugar in the bottles and add yeast, it is fermented into alcohol.
Now, the warmer the yeast is, the better it works, usually. 
There are beer yeasts (lager) that work well in colder temps.  
To my knowledge, Champagne yeasts work better at warmer temps, 70-80 degrees F.
Most beer yeasts work better in the 60-70 degree F range, but die off when the
alcohol content of the water gets too high.  Hence the Champagne yeast being in
favor due to its tolerance of the alchohol.

I recommended www.stpats.com and I have dealt with them repeatedly. They tend
to be a good place. They also carry tubing and nice airfilters that you can put
in the tubing between the yeast bottle and aquarium to keep the tank from
getting nasties in it.

I use Wyeast, it comes in a nice packet that you squish, let it rise, then add
to beer, sugar water, what ever.  It is very easy to use and the downloadable
cataloge provides good instructions on culturing yeast so that you can buy one
yeast starter and keep some ready in the fridge for when the bottle needs

Just my .02 worth

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