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That Pet Place - Aqua Botanic

This place is pretty well known, but here's a recent observation.  A
defective item was sent -- I don't think TPP could reasonably have been
expected to kknow the item was bad.

I don't think they could have done more to fix the situation out side
of personally driving up to my house with the replacement as soon as I
told them about the problem.

And that settles that -- well, at least something about on line fish
stores is settled ;-)  Just kidding.  I just wanted to work "settle"
into a post, as in "nothing is settled yet" and "don't settle down
until you donate to the cause."

BTW, personal attention is also a reward for dealing with Aqua Botanic.
 I'd tell you everything AqB did for me, but then you would all expect
the red carpet treatment  :-)  .  Heck, I think you'll probably get it

Now where's that paypal address?
Scott H.

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