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Dupla Supplier

Well, speaking as one who has purchased the Dupla Creativ set, Aquatek, in Austin
is a Dupla retailer. Roger shipped the kit to me promptly and was extremely easy to
deal with. His web site url is http://www.aquatekfish.com/. I was in his shop on a 
business trip in December, and decided last month that I wanted to get the kit. No problems.

As for the kit itself, it leaves me with mixed impressions. It contains a heating cable,
Dupla laterite balls, small bottles of the Dupla24 and DuplaPlant supplements, a number of 
planting traysm, and a large foam piece that is supposed to hold the trays and have the
heating cable inserted on the bottom side. Wierd approach. I bought the kit for the heating
cable itself, so I got some other items as a bonus. Haven't yet set the tank up yet, though.