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> I don't think it is necessary to use so many bottles on your tank. Two
> fermentors of about a gallon each should be fine. Each fermentation will
> be more stable and last longer. A lot less work too. It really helps to
> use a yeast that can be added 2 or 3 times during fermentation. This
> keeps the fermentation even and lasting up to 2 1/2 months. The only 2
> yeasts I know for sure that will do this are the Lalvin versions of S.
> Bayanus and S. Cerevisiae. I am sure there are many many others but I
> have personal experience only with those two. It is a lot easier to just
> add a little more yeast and keep a fermentation going than to be
> constantly mixing up new batches of yeast and sugar every few days. You
> have to be careful with the Bayanus yeast as it will really increase an
> existing fermentation if you add too much at a time.
> Wayne

Wayne, could you detail out some good fine tuning of the yeast method so
that more folks could get more out it? I'd like to see this focus used more
and better for folks. Making this a less painful chore would help many
folks. It's something that's easy and cheap to play with also.
Tom Barr