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Re: Lamotte CO2

>Cavan is wondering about using a LaMotte CO2 test kit
>together with a
>Carbonate Hardness test kit (B.T.W., most test kits
>measure Alkalinity, not
>specifically Carbonate Hardness - they are quite
>often, but not always, the
>same number, so be careful) to determine his pH.>

>While you are checking out LaMotte kits, look for one
>of their narrow range
>pH kits. They aren't expensive and you'll get more
>accurate pH reading using
>a real pH kit than relying on a chart. There are
>several variables involved
>in using the chart - how accurate your 2 readings
(CO2 and Carbonate
>Hardness) are and the CO2 test kit can be thrown off
>by old reagents quite
>easily (or by sloppy technique).


I looked at the Lamotte PH kit (there appears to be
only 1 freshwater one - ooked at their site) and it
said that it measures in units of .5  There's a big
difference between 6.5 and 7 and I'm worried that it
will be hard to tell what it is between them.  Is it
easy to tell between 6.6 and 6.7?  If it isn't, I can
get a Wardley kit that can give me the same ballpark
estimate for a few bucks.  The co2 test is by
titration, which I like.  I do see what you mean
though.  My KH kit is an AP, which I've always thought
to be adequate.  It's also brand new.  Assuming you
have a good KH kit and the CO2 one is new, would that
work?  (I'm not trying to doubt you here, just
understand it)      

Thanks, Cavan

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