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Re:Lamotte nitrate kit

I'm chiming back in on this one too, since I've reduced my KNO3 additions
based upon multiplying the LaMotte's nitrate test results by 4.4.  Maybe Tom
Barr could clarify whether or not his recommended target nitrate levels of
5 - 10 ppm mean NO3-N ppm or NO3 ppm.  Tom ???
> Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 20:34:16 -0800 (PST)
> From: Cavan <millsman7 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: Lamotte nitrate kit
>> Recently there has been comments re multiplying
>> LaMotte Nitrate test kit
>> reading by 4.4 to get ppms NO3 reading.
>> Question. Should one be using the multiplied result
>> to determine dosing with
>> KNO3?
>> I have tanks that read 6pmm on octet comparator and
>> have been dosing from
>> that reading. 6ppm multiples out to 26.4ppm which
>> would be considered bit
>> high. I have been dosing the amount of KNO3
>> recommended for gallons, wattage
>> and compressed CO2. They don't act like tanks with
>> too much NO3 in that
>> growth is good with almost no algae.
>> TIA
>> June
> I would really like to know the answer to this as
> well.

Would someone please answer this one and put Cavan and I out of our misery.

 > I don't get it.  Assuming the Lamotte kit is right,
> where can I get one now that Petwarehouse is out of
> buisiness?
Cavan, Drs Foster and Smith bought out Petwarehouse and still carry them
AFAIK. Get one. You won't be sorry. :-)

> June:  What formula did you arrive at to determine
> kno3 dosage?
Started with Tom Barr's  recommendations of 1/4 tsp. for 55 gal couple times
a week. Tested, adjusted dose till got to level I wanted. E.g. 3 watt/gal,
compressed CO2, 92 gal gets 1/2 tsp. twice week for LaMotte reading of
4-5ppm (depending on how consistently I keep to dosing schedule).
I am running 3 tanks pretty much same amount lights, CO2 etc. The one with
Nitrate at 6pmm, LaMotte reading, has beautiful plants and least algae
problems, while the one that tends to want to stay at 3ppm has had ongoing
algae problems. I increased the KNO3 and algae is retreating.