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Re: Julie in Colorado's Eheim question

Hi Julie,
The Eheim 2026 Pro II at full force would definetly be too much for your 29 
gallon, IMO. But the Pro II series has flow control on them, so you can 
throttle it down if you want. I have a Pro II 2028 and it has flow control.

Pro IIs for CO2 injection: My 125 gallon has an Eheim 2217 and the above 
mentioned 2028 Pro II  on it, each at opposite corners. I have injected into 
both filters, and between the two models the 2217 is definetly the most 
efficient. The reason being that the 2028 has several baskets to hold the 
media/floss/etc, and this design leaves gaps, small, but still gaps where the 
sides of the baskets meet the walls of the filter. This is probably where the 
gas will go up and end up in the pump head and out the return. The 2217 has 
no filter baskets, and the prefilter media, filter media, floss etc is in 
direct contact with the filter walls, and the whole deal is like a plug in 
the direction of travel of the CO2. The gas does not seem to travel thru it 
as easily as it does thru the basketed media in the 2028. Much less burping 
and passing of CO2 bubbles with the 2217 vs the 2028. Both are excellent 
filters, and the 2028 is easier to service, but not as efficient a CO2 
reactor as the 2217.

Just my experience.


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