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Re: Algaefix

Ray RITCHIE wrote to Tom Barr:
>>> This compound is a standard swimming pool algae killer sold under the
>>> name POLYQUAT.  It is also used in cooling towers etc.
>>> Do not know its mechanism of action but its MSDS says it is a
>>> benzaldehyde compound that releases chlorine.

Tom, Thanks for posting Ray's message. So far my investigation has revealed
similar information. There are a few hundred products with same ingredient
registered with with epa. Each has a different name, like POLYQUAT. Some
products have been registered since the 70's. 

Except for AP's algaefix, all the others I have found are intended for
cooling towers or decorative pools. The label of BUSAN 77, from the
original manufacturer? (Buckman Labs) says "toxic to fishes.... do not
discharge into streams, lakes, ponds...". Interesting!!  

Stay tuned!!