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Cold DIY CO2 Brew

>Now I just want to figure out a way to heat the soup, since when it gets 
>cold in the house the CO2 largely stops. It's not be so serious that I've 
>worried about it a huge amount, though

Well, you can stick the DIY bottle in a bucket of water along with a heater. 
Or, you can use champagne yeast, which likes cold a lot more than bread 
yeast. In my house, which I tend to keep on the cold side duriong winter, 
bread yeast will give me a bubble every 20 to 40 secs.  With champagne 
yeast, it's more like one every 10 secs. The champagne yeast concoction will 
go for at least two months before it peters out.  (I don't use the bucket 
method because, where my tanks sit, I have no place to hide an unsightly 

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