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Re: Carbon in Filter Cartiridges

Matt Wassenhove said:

> The charcoal is "active for about three weeks and then slowly the
> activeness
> deteriorates for about another 2 weeks.  That is why the company's
> all
> recommended replacing them every 4 weeks, so that you keep it active
> and
> fully charged.

Thanks, Matt,

Died-the-wool cynic that I am, I suspect that, although it might retain
its adsorbtive capacity for that amount of time, especially if not
exposed to much that might adhere to it, there isn't enough there to
adsorb very much.  This isn't something I claim to know.  It's just
that, looking at the cartridges for some of the Eclipse tanks, for
example, one sees a pitifully small amount of carbon.  Might it
function more as a bio-culture surface than as an adsorbtive filter. 
But I wouldn't be surprisd to find out that it's presence is largely

I think that this is a good thing for folks that are not not interested
in having carbon filtration.  Not so good for folks that are.  

I'm ready to give up these suspicions in the light of data.

Scott H.

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