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Re: Water Changes (if it really wants to)

Daphne Freeman responded with redoubtable scepticism to one of my
suggestions about a certain recalcitrant gallon of water:

> Very funny Scott!  I'll take that under consideration on my next
> water
> change! :)
> I wasn't aware you could manually do a water change and not drench
> yourself
> and everything else in the process he, he! 
Once you get that down, then the next trick is to have hose pop off
your Vortex while backflushing.  There's nothing like the slushy,
gritty feel of wet diatomaceous earth between your toes on Saturday
morning.  It's best when accompaned by children heralds that sing,
"Mom, he did it again!"   :-\

I have always thought that the reason manufacturers state aquaria sizes
in more gallons than the aquaria can actually hold is to allow for
spillage.  What else could it be?  :-)

Scott H.

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