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Re: Cheap gravel

Hey gang,

Cavan asked about cheap gravel for a friend:

Yes, Cavan, sand blasting grit is about as cheap as it
gets without sifting your own....Which is not a bad
idea if you can find a suitable "bed".

Blasting grit comes in many grain sizes, but for our
purposes #1,#2, or #3 are the best with #1 being the
finest....About 1-2mm. It is soft, (no sharp edges)
and very easy to work with. Best of all it's usually
dust free, though I would still rinse it before adding
to a tank.

A 100lbs bag costs me $4.90....not too shabby
considering a bag of gravel at the LFS is $10 for
15lbs. You can get it at any building supply, and some
of the bigger home centers, and hardware stores.

John Wheeler


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