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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1644

I used an eheim diffuser with a CO2 bottle, not yeast. I'm not sure whether a yeast system would work with the pressures neede to produce the bubbles. I don't use mine now as I found it very difficult to have the Eheim diffuser on one tank and spirals (JBL) in other tanks working off the same bottle. The time that these diffusers are most useful is when you have a shallow tank which won't permit the use of a spiral. Other than that, I'll stick with my JBL Carboactives (I think that's what they call them, whatever, they work well for me!)

Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 21:17:12 +0800 
From: "Jon Hammond" <mrbishi at iinet_net.au> 
Subject: CO2 diffusers with DIY ? 

>I was wandering has anyone had any luck with eheim co2 diffusers with DIY 
>co2 ? Another memeber and a friend on the list - Vince Chye has a >scintered 
>glass / ceramic model which looks very similar to the ehim that works >with 
>DIY and puts out ultra small bubbles. 

>Anyone else experieced this ? I think this is the most neat and non >imposing 
>way to inject CO2 into my new 6 gal 1ft cube tank 

>Jon Hammond 



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