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Re: DIY CO2 seals

I tried several methods and materials, until I found a tube of "Amazing
Goop" (yes, that's the name) at Home Depot (Paint dept). The stuff is
just about the same consistency as RTV or Silicone sealant when freshly
applied, but hardens within a few hours to a consistency similar to
epoxy, except that it sticks extremely well. I have been using this for
3 months now, no failures or leaks yet.

Another think I did was get some brass screw fittings at Home depot. I
drill the cap to just big enough where I can screw the fitting into the
cap, then seal it with a liberal amount of Amazing Goop. That way, I get
a good mechanical attachment and good gas seal.

Works great!


> So, for those of us who still must use DIY I would like to know
> other members' methods of making the seal. I'd like to know a 
> permanent way.

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