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some natives

Does anyone know of any North American native plants that are not stem 
plants, not Valisneria sp., not Eleocharis sp., and not a moss...that are 
suitable for aquariums?  There must be some, though I guess I either never 
run across them or I just never realized they were natives.  Something from 
the Southeastern US would be even better (working on a biotope-ish tank), 
but the right continent would suffice.  Is there a book that would 
specifically deal with native North American aquatic plants?  So far I've 
been able to find plenty of stem plants and grass-type plants (and willow 
moss), but where I want "others" (for lack of a more scientific word) I have 
to use crypts or swords.  Is there something with a broadly similar shape 
that is native to NA?  I know that there are plenty of introduced 
non-natives (isn't Tom Barr always running across swords out there...I 
assume those aren't native, but if they are...there's my answer), but I am 
curious as to whether or not there are any natives suitable for general 
aquarium use (i.e. not 45" wide and 75" tall, to use an extreme example :)).

TIA for any help,
Cameron in AL

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