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Re: Using garden hoses to change water

I really shouldn't be allowed to interact with the general public. I wonder
if lithium is available on credit again?

Scott H. wrote:

"Tom Wood seemed upset about my post regarding garden hoses.  I had
questioned why someone would use one when clean tubing is so readily
and cheaply available.

Tom, I apologize if you felt insulted by my post.  My intention was not
to impugn your character.  I was joining the discussion about garden
hoses -- it wasn't personal."

Scott - I'm not easily impugned. Annoyed, yes, but not impugned. You see, I
have taken on the personal quest to forever rid this hobby of all
FUDrucking. Fear Uncertainty Doubt wherever it raises its ugly head shall be
banished. And I get to wear a mask and some cool tights too!

I was being sarcastic, which, on the web, apparently requires a finer hand
than mine. But I do think that there is too much paranoia about what can't
be used around a fish tank. I remember a newsgroup post where someone very
seriously advised against using Windex to clean the outside of an aquarium
because the ammonia might seep through the glass into the tank. And we all
know how bad ammonia is....

This hobby can be very simple and yield nice results. There is no need to
obsess over whether or not some parameter is out by a thousandth of a
percent, or if some common tool might somehow poison your fish. Common sense
should prevail.

So, my apologies back. I'll ease up, even for the guy that piously
proclaimed the fact that his equipment falls apart is a safety feature. Oh
darn, there I go again...