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New product called ALGAEFIX - kills Oedogonium??

At the Carolina workshop, Ray Lucas had a Aquarium Pharmaceuticals display
where I saw their product "ALGAEFIX." The label says it kills Oedogonium
(green fur algae) and Audouinella (BBA). There was nothing about effects on
plants and fishes. It said dont use with crustaceans.

The active ingredient is
I am generally sketical about stuff like this (most poly-syllabic chemicals
are nasty), so I have initiated an investigation to find the data they
presented to get the product registered. If it is bad stuff they will hear
about it from me. I will also report back to APD.

In the meanwhile, let us know if anyone has anyone has tried the stuff?


PS. In the late mid 80's I reviewed a bunch of algicides for FAMA,
including one sold by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. After my critical review,
their product disappeared from the market. It contained Atrazine, a
persistant agricultural pesticide, that I learned was causing problems
(thru runoff) to aquatic life in the Chesapeake Bay.