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Re: Compact Fluro Lighting in standard plastic hood

> Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 19:52:02 +0800
> From: "Jon Hammond" <mrbishi at iinet_net.au>
> Subject: Compact Fluro Lighting in standard plastic hood
> Today a Retro fitted a standard 1.5" plastic hood with a 36W Osram 5000K
> compact fluro.. Just 1 question - The base where the light plugs in gets
> very hot - nearly so hot I can touch the plastic above it. Just wandering if
> CFs get so hot they actually melt the plastic ? I dont want this happening
> obviously for the safety/fire reason
> Thanks
> Jon

It is important to pay attention to venting, in any such retrofit, as they
do produce enough heat to melt plastic. I have even had a 36W CF slip down
against a thick cover glass and cause it to break.

The way the tube is mounted, and the provisions for air flow are pretty
critical at such Wattages and above. If in doubt, add a couple more
perforated plug vents, or even a small fan.


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