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RE:Strange egg things

Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 12:17:41 -0800
From: "Michael Gerhardt" <breadmon at hotmail_com>
Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1634

Strange egg things.

I opened the lid of my 125 the other day and noticed these bright pink or
orange massas stuck to the under side of the top of the tank (completely out
of the water).  There are 5 in all.  Each mass has a few hundred or so
little balls that are 1\16-1\8 of an inch.  They are very hard and when I
crack them, the insides are very slimy and sticky.  I have a bunch of snails
(apple, golden mystery, trumpet) and they are the only thing that I think
could get to a dry place.  Fish wise I have angels, clown loaches, ottos,
SAE, plecos, platys and some rainbows.
I could list the plants but it would take too long.  If it could be plants
let me know and i'll list em.



ps where and how much do I send $$$ to to become a member of BAAPS?
Somebody told me a long time ago but I forgot.

Mike Do you have any Appple Snails in your tank?   Cause if you do then in
about 2-3 weeks you will have a lot more.  THe eggs will need to stay out of
the wateruntil then but need no real halp from you. The adullts usually will
lay them on the underside of a branch or leaf sticking out of the water.  If
you let them hatch after a few weeks most LFS's would probally be interested
in some of them since the bug ones sell for about $12 each around here.

Matt W.