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CO2 diffusers with DIY ?

I was wandering has anyone had any luck with eheim co2 diffusers with DIY
co2 ? Another memeber and a friend on the list - Vince Chye has a scintered
glass / ceramic model which looks very similar to the ehim that works with
DIY and puts out ultra small bubbles.

Anyone else experieced this ? I think this is the most neat and non imposing
way to inject CO2 into my new 6 gal 1ft cube tank

Jon Hammond

>new tank specs

6 Gal (27 litres)
1 ft Cube
36W Osram 5000K compact fluro
Small Heto Powerhead
Eheim CO2 Diffuser
Substrate: 2mm natural gravel, bottom 1/3 enriched with laterite and cut up
jobes spikes