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Re: Biowheels in CO2 added tanks -- night vs day flows

Kyle M said:

> Now my HOTs hold only Walmart polyfill. I retired the Biowheels. Of
> course I modified my HOTs by putting intake tubes on the outflow
> side. That is, I have intake tubes on both sides. At lights on I move
> the outflow tubes below surface. At lights off I pull them up to
> break water surface. If I don't I wake up to dead or gasping fish due
> to either lack of oxygen or too much CO2.
> At any rate I have 3 easy to maintain canister filters that also do
> double duty as CO2 producers. 
> Of course this all falls under DIY on a 125 gallon. 

Sounds like you've got you've got quite a set up for DIY.  

I am curious. Instead of pulling the filter outlets up above the water
surface, could you just vent, say, one of the DIY CO2 lines to redcue
the CO2 levels.

Have you measured your CO2 levels at morning (before lights) and at
late afternoon or evening.  I think these should be the times of the
widest spread in CO2 levels.  The morning measurement, ideally,
shouldn't exceed about 30 ppm (roughly), which shouldn't leave any fish
gasping.  The evening measurement will probably be about 20 ppm
(roughly) then depending on the number of plants and the amount of
turbulence, water temp, etc -- all the things that affect CO2 in the
water.  Have you done this with and without using the filter outlet

Scott H.

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