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Re: Green water

Jon, you forgot the easiest method of all, blackout. You'll find Daphnia in
most pools and ponds. Go on a Daphnia hunt! You can really pack the wool
into your canister filter also.

Tom Barr

> So I feel my only 2 options are
> 1. Try and find somewhere to catch some daphnia - anyone with any ideas ?
> there are some little streams and things near me where we used to catch
> yabbies and tadpoles when we were younger.  Maybe I should try here ?
> 2. Some sort of chemical treatment be it a flocculant and then run through a
> cannister with filter wool ?  Someone also mentioned to me at an aquarium
> shop to use barley straw extract ?  I have tried the flocculant method in
> the past in combination with filtration and large water changes but the
> greenwater did reappear.
> Please help :)
> Cheers
> Jon
> in sunny hot Perth, Western Australia