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Re: using water hoses to change water

>>>Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 19:28:53 +0800
From: "Jon Hammond" <mrbishi at iinet_net.au>
Subject: Using garden hoses to change water

This isnt a directly aquatic plant queston but I was wandering is it ok 
use a garden hose to change the water in your tank ? Its getting a bit of 
chore with buckets and my 200Lt tank.. Ive heard some garden hoses have
algicides ? any harm to the plants ;)




I can't speak to garden hoses. I have used them once or twice in extreme conditions (don't ask ;-))
But, back in the days of my stupidity, reading aquarium magazines, I sought out DI water.
Got the system from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. A great company, BTW. Very personal CS when I asked.
Anyway, I bought their DI water system. It comes with various attachments if you want them.
I have a faucet hookup I use from my bathroom sink. It screws on to the faucet and I have left it there for over two years. It directs water to either the faucet itself or to an alternate source you hook up a small tubing to. I use it every week. Because the tubing was too short to reach my 125 I found an adapter and tubing to fit at Home Depot. 
I set the water temp at the faucet and then when it is right I just shift the little knob and the water flows right into my tank. 
It is beautiful. 
There are so many DIY ways to do things to fit your particular laziness. LOL

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