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Re: "Using garden hoses to change water."

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> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 15:43:25 -0500
> From: "Leo Kane" <kal at dmv_com>
> Subject: "Using garden hoses to change water."
> I  use a 25 ft garden hose to siphon the water from my 55 gal tank, and
> reconnect it to the kitchen faucet to refill the tank when I do water
> changes. Have been doing this for about 2 years with no problem.
> leo
> >Jon wrote:
> >This isnt a directly aquatic plant queston but I was wandering is it >ok to
> >use a garden hose to change the water in your tank ?

There are plasticizers in vinyl garden hose that probably are not approved
for food use. The only way I can imagine they could be a problem would be if
you store water in the hose for a long time and then dump the stored water
into a small tank. Obviously, using it to siphon out tank water is OK, and
then using it to top off probably is perfectly safe.

If one is utterly paranoid about such things, there are hoses certified for
potable water, usually available at camper/RV supply stores. Caution: They
can be pretty pricey.


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