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Re: DIY on a 180 gallon

Tom Barr wrote:

Don't try the DIY method on anything over a 40-55gal at most.

Ahem. Well I agree a cylinder system would be much better. But with DIY on a 125 gallon I don't feel the bite financially. I've never figured the cost and don't doubt the other would be cheaper in the long run. I just can't spring for the chunk right now.

I consistently measure over 20ppm with 5 2l bottles of DIY. Fed into the intakes of 3 Magnum HOTs (Walmart poly fill as the only media) and one Magnum 350 (no media--used to power a UV I haven't needed to use in a couple of years now).
Each bottle produces CO2 for 3 weeks or better sometimes. It's not that big a chore as I stagger them. 

I would also recommend the cylinder system but it can be done with DIY and it doesn't hurt that much. For me anyway.

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