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Geenwater rearing its ugly head

This topic as with all other algae has been discussed a billion times on the
APD and I have read through previous posts in the archives so please dont
kill me for asking a few things again :)

I have a newly setup 200Ll tank (custom built by myself) and have planted it
fairly densely but I am starting to get a greenwater bloom.  Lighting is via
6 x 30W fluro tubes for a total of 180W, CO2 is injected into the intake of
my eheim cannister using 3 DIY 2Lt CO2 bottles.  The tank has been setup
around a month now so should have cycled.  I have it planted with a
comination of fast growing stem plants and some low light plants - java fern
+ windelov, java moss, bolbitus, anubius nana....

OK the most popular suggestion in the past seems to have been to use a HOT
Magnum cannister filter with its micron filter thingee.  The problem is that
we dont get them over here in Perth.  Another option was to use a UV
Steriliser - problem is that they are around $400 over here.. a bit to much
to pay for something that wont be used very regularly.

So I feel my only 2 options are

1. Try and find somewhere to catch some daphnia - anyone with any ideas ?
there are some little streams and things near me where we used to catch
yabbies and tadpoles when we were younger.  Maybe I should try here ?

2. Some sort of chemical treatment be it a flocculant and then run through a
cannister with filter wool ?  Someone also mentioned to me at an aquarium
shop to use barley straw extract ?  I have tried the flocculant method in
the past in combination with filtration and large water changes but the
greenwater did reappear.

Please help :)


in sunny hot Perth, Western Australia