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Re: covering Flourite

Hey gang,

Chrys asked:
>>	Quick question-why do you cover your flourite? 
Don't like the 
way it looks?
- -Chrys<<

Matter of factly, I don't care all that much for
Flourite's appearance. Just my opinion. In time, some
flourite will make it up onto the surface anyway, but
that looks rather natural to me.

Flourite is expensive and coarse sand is cheap. If I
can cut down the use of Flourite by covering the top,
then I save money or have flourite left over for my
next project.

This is one area where it pays to be a little cheap,
IME. Covering Flourite doesn't cut down it's
performance either, so I save myself a little initial
cloudy water as another benefit.....Flourite is the
best stuff out there, but I don't wanna see it, and I
don't need 4" of it to get it's benefit.

John Wheeler 

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