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Re: Using garden hoses to change water

Leo Kane said:

" <kal at dmv_com>
> Subject: "."
> I  use a 25 ft garden hose to siphon the water from my 55 gal tank,
> and
> reconnect it to the kitchen faucet to refill the tank when I do water
> changes. Have been doing this for about 2 years with no problem.
Many garden hoses a treated with a fungicide, so it's unwise to drink
from them or use them, at least when they are new, where you don't was
fungicide exposure.  When they are old, god knows what crud is in them.
 Obviously, lots of people drink form garden hoses -- you must have
seen a few.  On the other hand, citrus fruits are coated with a
fungicide which we imbibe when we handle the rind while peeling the
fruit to eat.  And no one gives a hoot about that.

But it isn't always a question of, "Will you fall over dead as soon as
you do it the first time?"  Lots of things are harmful under repeated
exposure or in combination with other things that put wear and tear on
your liver or kidneys or skin, etc.

Food grade vinyl tubing is rather cheap and you can get clean stuff at
Home Depot, for jsut one source.  There's no need for you or you fish
to be drinking from a garden hose.

A guy working in a gas station once told me that breathing gasoline
fumes all day wasnt harmful.  After all, he'd been working in a gas
station for ten years.  I think he underestimated his risks.

Scott H.

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