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RE: Snails

Matt wrote:

"My wife has a little ten gallon planted tank and is
tired of puling out two
dozen snails a week."

Tom Wood replied:
"Although this is a small tank, a pair of the smallest
clown loaches you can
find might work. They normally prefer to be in small
schools. You'll have to
trade them in as they outgrow the tank."


I would not use clown loaches in such a small tank. 
These fish can grow quite large and a 10gal tank will
not do them justice.  You could try yo-yo loaches
(botia lohachata), skunk loaches (botia horae) or
tiger loaches (botia striata).  All of these fish stay

Having some snails is good because they keep the algae
away.  It is all about controlling their population
with snail eating fish.


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