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Re: Low light,

In response to another question, Tom repsomded, in part:

<< By avoiding the CO2 issue you have held your plants back a great deal. You
 have spent money on things you don't need and that will little effect on
 your plant's health and actually help the algae in many cases. You have
 wondered about deficiencies, added all sorts of things to your tank. Now you
 might not believe it when I tell folk to just get a CO2 tank and be done
 with but for some reason you'll keep spending money in efforts to avoid CO2,
 accept poorer growth and more algae, try many plants that will not make it
 in such a tank, then justify it by saying it cost too much. The irony is
 strong here and your not the only one. I try to help folks on this but some,
 they have to learn the hard way. >>

Well, no they don't.  There is more than one road to success in growing 
plants.  Sure, if someone has 4 wpg he is going to have to use CO2 and get 
into the nutrient dosing and testing game, but if he is willing to settle for 
a smaller choice of plants (like 40 rather than 200?) he can have a perfectly 
handsome aquatic community with less work and expense in a lower light 

Good luck!