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Re: Almond leaf in your aquarium

Yes I have seen this method used, almond leaf also supposedly eliminates
NH4, during new tank set up. People displaying Bettas and other fish in
small aquariums use this method. I haven't tried it as I have no access to
almond leaves. I found this in a lot of display containers at Aquarama 2001
in Singapore though all the guys there refused to identify the leaf and tell
the purpose they use it for.

Madan Subramanian
Bangalore, India.

> Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 22:21:47 -0600
> From: Donald <ddavis2 at austin_rr.com>
> Subject: Almond leaf in your aquarium
> I visited a LFS that uses Almond Leafs in several of their tanks that
> contain discus.  Has anyone else tried this technique?  Supposedly the
> leaves help eliminate harmful bacteria in the tank.  I found a webs site
> that talked more about it here
> http://www.belowwater.com/store/wild-almond-leaf/index.html
> The almond leaves stain the water supposedly better and faster than using
> peat.
> Does anyone use this method?
> big D