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Filtration comment

Hello, just reading the current posts on sponge filter, eheims etc..

I currently have and eheim 2213 ( i think) and a fluval 204 (?) in my
planted tank (high lighting, compressed co2 etc..)
in my other tanks, discus/and breeding I use sponge filters and Hagen's

there's no doubt eheim is superb quality, but personally I find them to be
quite expensive (anyone else?) a reason my friend told me he wanted to use a
canister filter instead of the hang on was becucase his planted tank was
displayed on both sides and he didn't want the filter blocking the view and
he didn't want it haning on the side,

I do find the aquaclear's water current to be quite strong, maybe releasing
the co2 my difussor is adding to the water column?

My friend gave me his HOT magnum that thing is good for clearing cloudy
water fast,

what are some other reasons for using canisters over hang on filters?
personally (pricewise) I'll stick with aquaclears if i were planning to
purchase any more filtration for future tanks...

I also hooked up a sponge filter to my planted tank, but i was 'seeding' it
for my other tank, I only turned on the air pump during the night (also to
drive off excess co2)

Thanks for reading

Raymond Wong

side note (1):have 8 e. 'red flame' plantlets developing on 2 runners on 2
seperate plants, personally i believe it resembles a red ozelot with more
red in th eleaves
side note (2): discus; breeding but no wigglers yet, soon, soon i hope to be
raising a bunch of discus fry = )
side ntoe (3): i am not trying to start a agument here just want to hear
some opinions on using canister filters if it justifies the cost or is
everyone rich? because the eheim pro series last time i checked were over
$400 CND (imagine how many discus i can buy = ) )