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Re:"apple" or "mystery" snails

Most of the common "apple" or "mystery" snails will not touch your live
plants. Learn to identify the snails and you will be happy with them. They
help my tanks greatly.

Identification can be made by looking at shell shapes as explained at:


In particular, look at the pomacea bridgesi. Compare to the pomacea
canaliculata. p bridgesi will *not* eat your live plants. The p canaliculata

I purposely breed my p bridgesi, and I have gotten very interesting shell
colors. Pale blues, albino yellows, and mahogany browns. They are kept in
heavily planted tanks and leave the plants alone.
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

> These are the egg masses of the "apple" or "mystery" snails.  They will hatch
> if they are kept reasonably moist.
> If your plants are still alive you are fortunate - most of these snails are
> very impressive plant eaters.  I saw one eat a field of newly planted
> valisneria in about an hour - he/she was recycled.  There are some species
> that don't do that though, and some say that they are beneficial.