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Re: Biowheels in CO2 added tanks

Mary Alice Kropp said:

> I use a biowheel filter on my 55 gallon planted tank- I know some
> feel it is
> not ideal because of the amount of surface turbulence generated, but
> with
> the reactor and powerhead arrangement inside the tank, it works
> pretty well
> for me. 

I think you absolutely can use biowheels on CO2 injected tanks.  I ran
a couple of tanks this way for for about a year or so.  But an awful
lot of the CO2 is lost.  Maintain equal CO2 levels in your aquarium as
you run through one tank of CO2 with the biowheel and then one without
or vice versa.  You might be surprised at the difference.

On the other hand, CO2 is relatively cheap as things in this hobby go,
so if you realy want a biowheel, go ahead. . . .just decide if the
benefits of the biowheel are worth two to three times the number of
trips to the CO2 refill vendor.

Scott H.

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