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Re: Filters

Findong the BEST filter is like finding the best car in the world --
even if you narrow it down to a specific type, there are good and bad
points about each.

If you like simplified recommendations -- Eheims are quiet and last and

I have used a number of different Eheims (and other filters, for that
matter) over  the last few decades.  I an honestly say that, if I get
an Eheim now, I would now only buy one of the Pro II series of filters
with the "siphon starting" pump built into the motor-filter-head

Generally, I also prefer two smaller filters, cleaned on alternate
cycles, to one large one -- one bio-colony remains when the media in
the other is cleaned or replaced.  But his is strictly a matter of
taste, since you double the number of parts to maintain.

There is much to be said for having a sump (a place to hide heater, to
add chems/ferts, take test samples, add CO2, etc.) if you can conquer
the noise (slurp) and turbulence (goodbye CO2) problems, both of which
are surmountable. 

Scott H.

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