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rotala alternative

	I'm all happy, my plants are doing well lately, growing, and my 
rotala indica has this lovely blush.  Wait, and it's GROWING.  Like 
mad.  I'm having to prune this stuff a couple times a week, to keep it 
from over-shading the rest of the tank!
     I currently have a planted 29 US gals. tank with rotala, water 
wisteria, cryptocoryne wendtii, java fern, java fern windelov, and 
water sprite. compressed CO2, around 3watts per gal. light.
	I'll be moving all these plants over to a new 38 gallon aquarium 
this week.  So I'm looking at layout and maintenance.
     I need recommendations for plants that look similar to rotala, but 
that don't grow so very QUICKLY.   Or just a list of plants that grow a 
little slower than rotala, but that aren't impossibly hard to keep?
     Thanks to all who respond.
-Chrys Amy Dean
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