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Re: state

>Try typing in www.gpas.org and see. Does anything in
>PA pop up?OR, not PA.

You know I was kidding, right?  

>As far as Gratiola, it'll make the rounds as it grows
>and folks trade etc.

What species is it?  Where from?  

>Hottonia palustris can be a bit of a pruning job to
>keep looking good but is
>a very nice plant. 

I've been using H. difformis for that role.  A bit
unruly though.  

>I'll give you guys some if you get some of those
>Aussy plants from D. Wilson
>down under:)

I offered you some diversifolia but didn't hear back
from you.  My tank needs to be ready for photographing
for my club presentation next month ASAP.  I've asked
the Aquarium Center if they can get it for me but I'm
not sure they will.  They do have the small Lobelia


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