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Lighting for future tank

   Hello again People!!. Lots of questions today concerning lighting,I will 
try to keep it short.

  1. The following plants I like and want to have Vallisenirias 
Giagantea,Sagitaria platyphilia,Anubius barteri"Coffeefolia",Hygrophilia 
polysperma"big leaf" Crinum natan's and Hygrophilia Polysperma or known as 
Nomaphilia siamensis. There lighjt range is from Low to very High. Does this 
mean they are tolerable with-in these ranges?.
 2. I have a 56 column tank and this where I want to keep them,Lighting is 
suggested at 3-4 watts per gallon. Is this to say I would need a 150 watt 
light to achive good growth??. HELP on this one.
 3.The light that's  in the cover is 20 watt power-glo,24" bulb. What is the 
max wattage that can be put in this Ballast? or is this sufficent for these 
 4. If someone responds please try to break it down to layman's terms 
 5. The tank is not in use at the moment it is very dry!!.
   Thanks Dennis

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