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Re: Red Tiger Lotus

| Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 21:26:53 GMT
| From: "don" <don at calimages_com>
| Subject: Red Tiger Lily Question
| First, a bit of background:
| The one that lived is much shorter now, like 10", but the leaves are HUGE. 
| The size of my hand! And I'm getting 1-2 new leaves each week. Needless to 
| say, it's taking over one corner of my tank. My sword is getting shaded by 
| it too. Though the sword is pushing out longer leaves to compensate. Rather 
| interesting... 

Mine have big leaves !

| So, my question is: How safe is it to remove the older leaves? Or should I 
| just let it grow? It's beautiful, and I wouldn't mind letting it go...:-) 

As I have two of them I'm forced to cut old leaves quite near the rhizome...
I will say you have to keep at least one big leaf, one half grow up and a baby one.
Two big ones should be better.  I don't cut anything when some fishes mechanically
damaged some of them !

| Oh, and another question: It seems to be a rhizome based plant. If so, how 
| big should I let the rhizome get before separating it? Does it reproduce 
| vegetatively? I'd like to spread it around my tank some. 

I have the same question :-( .  A plantlet develops from time to time but I have no idea
how and when to separate it.  Last time my botiae prevented it to grow to adulthood...

| Thanks! 
| DonT