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I would like to raise the question that why can't simple sponge filter
operated on air pump be used for planted tank with limited capacity, e.g. 25
gallon. The air pump can be operated at night only so that CO2 diffusion
does not take place during day(photosynthesis) hours.

The reason for this question is that it is widely said that heavily planted
tank does not need a filter.
So a simple sponge filter can provide with whatever minimal filteration
needed and aid some movement of water. Plus the water movement is made by
the movement of fishes themselves also. Hence there is no need of a
powerhead for water movement.
I fail to understand why a powerhead is necessary for water movement.

The sponge filter can be operated at night only so that whatever CO2 is
used(either yeast or gas cylinder) need not get diffused out during
daytime(photosynthesis hours of plants).

This system is very economical & very easy to maintain.

I have been using this in my planted tank since past one year without any

I would like the opinion of peers on this issue.