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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1634

>I am interested in starting a planted tank, but I'm a little perplexed at
which typed of filter >to use.  Right now I've got a Penguin Bio-wheel.  My
plans are to inject CO2 into the filter box >to allow the gas to slowly
dissolve and mix into the tank wa
>ter.  I guess, my main concern is about charcoal.  Ist it recommended in a
planted tank?  The      >Penguin filter cartridges contain activated
charcoal in them, which would prove difficult to    >remove if need be.

I use a biowheel filter on my 55 gallon planted tank- I know some feel it is
not ideal because of the amount of surface turbulence generated, but with
the reactor and powerhead arrangement inside the tank, it works pretty well
for me. As for that charcoal, just cut a slit across the top of the blue
filter stuff and dump as much as you can out of it- been doing that for
years with mine. It's actually pretty easy to do.


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