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I have been a lurker on this group for some time and need some advice.  I
have a 90 gallon tank stocked with mainly gouramis and angelfish, which seem
to do pretty well together.  It is heavily planted with Echinodorus of
various types.

I have two fluval 204 filters, and want to replace them with one cannister
filter of the best design.  Fluval seems to re-engineered their filters
recently.  Eheim also produces a cannister filter as does Rena and a number
of other firms.

What are the feelings of this group about the relative merits of these
different makes of canister filter?

Is there anyplace where I can get plans for a sump pump style filter if i
decide to go that way?

Are cannister filters or a sump pump type the best choices for a heavily
planted aquarium?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Tom Zaccone