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Re: questions

> I have a planted 55 gallon fish tank and have been doing a 20% water
> change once a week. Is this often enough or should I do it more often
> then that.

Depends on what your fish population is and how well filtered your water is

 Also Does anyone know what the requirements are for Cabomba
> carolinia I can not find two web sites or books that say the same thing.

Lots of light, does better in temps below 78F

> I saw Aqua Botanic is selling a chemical called Had-A-Snail is is safe
> for use with her plants she has I think some java fern and sagarita
> grass maybe some water sprite still but I don't remember. My guess is
> it's probally some variety of copper since I know snails hate that, and
> I don't think it would hurt her fish. Have any of you used this product
> and if so how does it work.

Active ingridient is copper sulfate (anhydrous) 3.8% demineralized water
96.2% Says it is safe for plants and fish when used as directed, but it does
say it may be harmful to grass shrimp and invertabrates,and amphibians.

I have been using it for a couple of months, and it hasnt hurt my plants at

Robert Paul Hudson
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