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Re: snails

As Roger said, your wife is probably feeding too much.
 I have a fair population of ramshorns in my 30 but
they never get out of hand since I don't feed a whole

Or, you could just keep feeding as you are and set up
a 20 long or 30 with a pair or two of Steatocranus
tinanti (recommended).  They will love the snails,
shell and all.  They'll just spit out shell bits. 
Very entertaining.  A fantastic fish.  When given
lemons, make lemonade.    

Or, you can smash them and feed to other fish.  A
great source of live food!  You should be able to
remove them all manually if you really keep at it.  

Cavan      (who yesterday found Elmer Fudd in the
phone book - honest) 

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