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Re: ways to get attention

Matt Wassenhove at Wass29 at qconline_com wrote:

> I guess John chen had the best way of getting some attention (BITCHIN). I
> have posted like three or four questions on here this month and I don't
> think I've gotten one response so far.  I am not going to re-ask them but I
> guess this the only to get some help.  I am trying to be an active
> participant and respond to other peoples questions so I guess I don't see
> the fairness in it.  Anyway I just wanted to voice my opinion one the fact
> that if we are all supposed to learn from each other we need to try and
> answer each other.  I am not expecting people like Tom Barr to answer all of
> my questions but just an everyday Joe somebody's opinion is what I was
> hoping for.  Oh well gotta run water bucket needs refilled...
> Matt W.

Hey Matt. Well, the attention-getting bitchin trick worked, but now I don't
know what your questions are. ;)

Just kidding. I actually looked them up in the archives. I was off the list
until a couple of days ago, so I didn't see most of them first time around.
I also don't know all the answers, but I'll give you my 2 cents.

Regarding water changes, 20% every 2 weeks seems a bit much for "typical"
setups, but it's hard to say since it depends on many factors (fish load,
quantity of plants, presence of CO2, etc). You didn't provide enough info to
really answer that one. I probably do 10% once a month, if that much, on my
tank. Let your fish and plants (or water test kits) be your guage.

Main cause of any algae is nutrient imbalance (I know, I know..."duh").
Typically too much nitrogen, but could be too much/little of other things.
Other than pH and KH, I don't watch water chemistry very close myself. I
just keep a lot of plants and try to achieve a nutrient balance with sparse
feedings, water changes, occasional supplements, etc. Search the archives
for "hair algae", or go to the krib.com and you should find some tips for
getting rid of it.

I don't know what too much iron will do in an aquarium. Not even sure how
much is "too much" for that matter. I wouldn't think it would cause plants
to yellow, though. In my experience, leaf yellowing is usually due to
nutrient imbalance, or not enough light, or both. Your yellowing anubius may
want root feeding.

I haven't used Had A Snail. See what the label says.

Sometimes when the list traffic is heavy, it's just hard to get routine
questions answered. I notice that the number of messages has more than
doubled over the last few months for some reason. I have no idea why. Try
searching the archives if you haven't already. Sometimes you can find your
answers there:



Dan Dixon