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Re: Matt's various questions

Matt and all,

There's several reasons why questions don't get answered.  Prominent among
them is that we don't always know the answer.  In your particular case I
suspect that some of your questions didn't get answered because they were
swamped by another thread.

The same thing happened to me the first time I asked a question here.  It
didn't get answered -- maybe because noone really knew the answer.  After
that, I did what I could to answer other people's questions for (as I
recall) a month or two before I asked again. I guess I'm a little more
patient than you.

Matt wrote:

> I guess John chen had the best way of getting some attention (BITCHIN).  

Not my favorite ploy, but one that works for now.

I compiled your other questions in one letter, so here we go...

> I have a planted 55 gallon fish tank and have been doing a 20% water
> change once a week. Is this often enough or should I do it more often
> then that. Also Does anyone know what the requirements are for Cabomba
> carolinia I can not find two web sites or books that say the same thing.

20%/week is more than enough unless you're doing something wrong somewhere

> What is the major cause of long brown to black hair algae is it to much
> phosphates in the water...

No, but otherwise I can't help you.  Nothing "causes" any kind of hair
algae, except maybe hair algae DNA.  You might get a more helpful answer
if you can provide a few more details of your tank and the problem.

> Will to much iron cause some plants to Yellow?

Not that I know of.

> I am wondering because some of my anubias nana's are getting yellow
> spots on there leaves, and the only thing I am doing different is I have
> been adding iron for the last month or so.

Several things might cause yellow spots, including damage to the leaves,
submersion of previously emersed leaves and several different nutrient
problems, depending on just what the spots look like.

> Also is it true that to much iron can cause hair algae?

People reported an association between hair algae and too much iron back
when they first started using PMDD. The iron can't "cause" hair algae, and
I even doubt a significant correlation with iron.

> My wife has a little ten gallon planted tank and is tired of puling out
> two dozen snails a week.

If she's getting that many snails then she is probably over-feeding the

> I saw Aqua Botanic is selling a chemical called Had-A-Snail is is safe
> for use with her plants she has I think some java fern and sagarita
> grass maybe some water sprite still but I don't remember. My guess is
> it's probally some variety of copper since I know snails hate that, and
> I don't think it would hurt her fish. Have any of you used this product
> and if so how does it work.

Never used it, don't know.  Sorry.

Roger Miller