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Re: Filterless tanks

Tom Barr speculated about the perfect setup for filterless tanks.

Actually, I think the main reason people use filterless tanks is the low
cost, simplicity and ease of maintenance.  It probably doesn't have much
to do with great plant growth, which may or may not happen. Given that
emphasis probably the ideal filterless tank setup would *not* use a UV

I started taking filters off tanks about 10 years ago.  The only tanks
that ever had green water problems were tanks that received at least some
direct sunlight.  That happened seasonally, so the problems were seasonal.
I guess some other people aren't as successful with the approach.

I have found it desirable to use at least light mechanical filteration.  
That is entirely for the sake of getting the water cleared up after the
substrate is disturbed.  Two of my tanks now have Aquaclear "First Step"
filters on their powerhead inlets, and they do a pretty good job of basic
mechanical filtration.  My 55 (which used to have recurring winter-time
green water problems) is filtered to a fare-thee-well with filter floss
stuffed into the media chamber of a Magnum 350.

Of course, any mechanical filter that is left in place very long also
takes on some biological filtration capacity.  That leaves the question
open whether the control of green water in my 55 was due to the mechanical
filtration or to biological activity in the mechanical filter.

Roger Miller